Young & Hungry Review

Young and Hungry

This is a show thats actually surprisingly enjoyable, like a new-age “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. It’s one to put on when you want to sit down to something that doesn’t take much out of you and has a few laughs. It’s for me a hangover show if your not in the mood for anything intellectually stimulating and want to just curl up sideways on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket with some hangover food on the way, this is a nice one to pop on. Episodes don’t particularly have to be watched chronologically, obviously there’s an over-riding plot running throughout but, like with Friends, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother etc… it can be dipped in and out of with little confusion. It’s funny and sometimes sharper than you’d expect as it presents itself as an American sitcom, worth a watch if your in the mellow mood.

Young & Hungry Review

The story is centered around a fairly lovable, quirky skilled chef and food-blogger (Gaby) who comes to work for a wealthy, innovative and young tech entrepreneur (Josh). Although Gaby is the protagonist, It’s other characters who shine a little bit more – Josh being one, he’s an impressive combination of nerdy, funny and adorable. Things get off to an interesting start.

Young & Hungry Review

The side characters interestingly are some of the most endearing and enjoyable, there’s ‘Elliot’ the Asian and incredibly stereotypical gay publicist, ‘Sofia’, our protagonists roommate and best friend. And Yolanda, Josh housekeeper and the general ‘mother hen’ to all.

Young & Hungry Review

We then have my favourite character from season one : Caroline, Josh’s girlfriend/ fiancee who is diabolically selfish, narcissistic sociopath at times, but comically self-aware and entertaining.

Young & Hungry Review

The Production crew on this series are actually quite surprising. Ashley Tisdale is the producer and started her own Production company which lit the fire under the making of this show. She both produces this series and does a recurring character role as a high-powered innovative industry titan named “Logan”.

Young & Hungry Review

Jesse MacCartney also plays a recurring role in the character “Cooper” a hacker that Josh hires who’s coding style is even more elegant, his character is the epitome of the word “adorkable”.

Young & Hungry Review

I should add aswell that Kylie Minogue does a cameo in a few episodes, having never really been a fan of pop music, she wasn’t someone i knew much about, but her character in this was surprisingly enjoyable and gave me a new view.

Young & Hungry Review

This show has a lot of laughs, and even if there not out-loud ones emanating from you, its difficult not to end up in a good mood when your watching it, the writing style is current, funny and light. Its tone is never really dark at all and it the definition of a ‘feel-good sitcom’.


To the plot, we’ve some pre-date nerves.


& pep talks.


And important questions.


Some pretty hilarious fight scenes, that resemble an even girlier version of the infamous spat in Bridget Jones Diary. 


Some witty repartee that reminded me of Captain America and Iron Man’s beef in Avengers.


So if your in the mood to put your feet up and throw on something thats not too complex and will put you at ease, this is the show for you. When i’m hungover and i know i’m gonna spend a few hours watching this i’m quite like Sofia here :


It’s also one thats quite pleasant when your on a mellow high and are zoned out with a little herb. Ba –