The Originals

The Originals

Rating: 7/10

This series can easily dip between Badass & Fantastical, it started as a spin-off show from the characters introduced in The Vampire Diaries. It’s one that really grabs your attention, and follows the ‘Original’ family roaming around New Orleans with no morals and very little empathy, who literally and figuratively rip peoples hearts out. It also happens to have one of the most ridiculously attractive casts ive seen in a good while. The characters are a little like “It’s Always Sunny” ones except its more action than comedy, so they are deplorable psycopahts… and there’s a few chuckles riddled throughout but it’s more the drama and fight scenes that shine.


The show follows a family of vampires that are thousands of years old, who’ve recently moved back to New Orleans after having practically built the city centuries before. Despite having vampires, werewolves and witches, the show is actually half decent. Now I’m not claiming that its a high brow show deserving of a rating above its 7.5 but it’s better than you’d expect. A little like when you eventually sit down to Friday Night Lights and relaise that the show is actually a lot darker than expected, well written and is about everything but football. From below we’ve got Marcel, Elijah and Klaus. The latter two are part of the Original family (as in the very first vampires, all others were sired and created by them.) and the former (Marcel) is Klaus’s long ago adopted son who’s had centuries to mature and grow into his own.


Elijah’s role has always been the “honorable one”, well, as honorable as you can possibly be whilst also being an ancient vampire. That said he is one classy bastard and is one of the few who can excercise a little empathy. His characters story is actually more intriguing than his brother as he can experience a range of emotions and some depth. That face doesnt hurt either does it..


Hayley, the wolf girl. A drunken (and regretful) one night stand leaves her surprisingly pregnant with the most powerful hybrid in history and that is where the story begins in episode 1. The CGI is also something that is done pretty perfectly, sublte and never over the top but quite fitting.

hayley wolf eyes

See what i mean? The show is a little interesting psychologically as it features a human girl who studies “Abnormal Psychology” and you can see a lot of Freud’s “Ego Defences” floating around the men in the series. Sublimation, Supression, Projection & Repression etc…


There’s also some standard self-analysis and realizations that eternity and happiness aren’t exactly always compatible.


Then we have Davina, the witch. The most ridiculously attractive and delectable thing i’ve come across in awhile. (Deadpool’s missus aside) In season one she’s still the young girl searching for her place and amassing her power but in season two she really comes into her own.


There’s some chuckles when some surprising colloquialisms arise.


So if your in the mood for a series to binge on whilst enduring some drama, action, fights and damn beguiling vampires….. you’ve found yours. 

klaus teasing