The Big Bang Theory Review

The Big Bang Theory

This is personally one of my favourites from a sentimental and nostalgic point of view, if i’m ever sideways on the couch hibernating in a duvet and coping w the hangover and general delicateness of the morning after (or afternoon) big bang never disappoints – it just hits the spot, easy watching, witty and comforting. It’s not an incredibly high-brow show but it has its moments, granted as the seasons continued it got a bit less witty and more sitcom-esque, the urge to “americanize” everything seems to come when a show gets past a certain number of seasons. That said, there’s a definite comfort that arises when you throw it on. 

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The story initially follows a young aspiring actress and four physicists who live across the hall from each-other. The group slowly expands as the seasons carry on.

big bang theory review

The main hook of the show : Sheldon Cooper, a brilliant genius Physicist studying String Theory (who’s character was loosely based on Sherlock Holmes), has autistic qualities & adores Star Trek. He’s a constant and unchanging presence who appears quite robotic and has limited concepts of morality and empathy. He also has some intense thoughts on how the world should or could be run as his tolerance for stupidity is quite low.

The Big Bang Theory

They’re up to date w the lingo of the day.

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& have some interesting forms of foreplay.

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The Big Bang Theory actually made history when CBS made a mega three-season pact with Warner Bros – getting a two year renewal is incredibly rare let alone three!


They actually filmed a pilot with a different “Penny” in mind – Sheldon n Leonard were in it – and penny was a promiscuous young gal who was a lot less intelligent and endearing . not surprisingly that went nowhere – then Kaley Cuoco was chosen and the big bang theory was made.

.The Big Bang Theory

There are a lot of laughs, the first three seasons are written a little more eloquently than the later ones. Series 1-3 is more satirical and intellectually witty, if you check this out it has the power to surprise you as its not the ‘sitcom’ that its been branded. Tt has some legitimate out loud chuckles and damn intelligent witticisms – The humour and writing evolves slowly (as all shows tend to) but the wit stays sharp. We’ve got some glorious references to other fictional worlds – there are constant discussions of Shows, Movies, Video Games, Board Games, Cosplay, Comic Books + cosplay. This show is a nerdy-girls dream, wrapped up with a little bow on top. Any Harry Potter reference is gonna go down pretty sweet with me.

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It features some sage feminine advice, the show actually explores a stronger theme of feminism than you’d expect in a series of its structure. But there’s heavy emphasis on a lot more theoretical frameworks than you’d anticipate, we see some neurological experiments, behaviour analysis and some heavy psychological examinations from some characters that embody the phrase ‘a stereotype of a stereotype’ along with dealings of racism and crippling social anxieties, all with a damn witty lense. It shows the women as the well-adjusted and succesful counterparts, who are there to lend some advice when required & will give it simply. 

The Big Bang Theory

With that in mind, there is a strong female cast in this. Side characters wise, there’s more women than men, and the women in it are of stronger caliber and more successful than their male counterparts.

The Big Bang Theory Review

There’s a few colloquialisms that are dropped here and there.

The Big Bang Theory

The cameos are varied and pretty brilliant. In particular Elon Musk (founder of Space X, Paypal and Tesla, the man who will take the human race to mars and hopefully sire my children.) & Neil DeGrasse Tyson (presenter of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Astrophysicist & Director of the Hayden Planetarium.)

The Big Bang Theory Review

& There’s a hell of a lot of Star Trek references. Living that nerdy life.

big bang theory review

So sit down and enjoy, you watch the characters each dealing with their own personal Hamartia (fatal flaw) and adapt and grow in 10 seasons of this easy watch, sunday-afternoon or anytime hangover show.