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Stoner GIFs – Coral Reefs

. This page is for the solo stoners who like to smoke up and crawl through the internet searching for something pretty or hypnotic to look at. Personally i adore watching David Attenborough documentaries when im stoned because its damn near therapeutic. Seeing the incredible shots of nature when your seriously stoned has a certain meditative feel to it. So this page is a loada … Continue reading Stoner GIFs – Coral Reefs

Planet Earth Season 2 gifs

Planet Earth II – Islands

Planet Earth – David Attenborough BBC S02 E01 : Islands This is a post on the first episode of the long-awaited second season of Planet Earth – an incredible TEN years after the release of the first . Attenborough as per usual looking simply, adorable. Due to new technologies and camera’s they can now show us life on the planet in entirely new ways. We see … Continue reading Planet Earth II – Islands