Blindspot Tattoo Analysis Meanings The Candy Men

Blindspot – Tattoo Analysis (3) The Candymen

A further investigation + analysis of Jane Doe’s Tattoos, the mysteries they hold and her murky + elusive past. So we left off in the last episode with Jane being man-handled by the mysterious Bearded man in her apartment & it continues there . He goes to take his hand away from her mouth but she attacks him (obviously – self defence – man breaks … Continue reading Blindspot – Tattoo Analysis (3) The Candymen

Blindspot Episode Tattoo Analysis

Blindspot : Tattoo Analysis (2) Drone Program

A further investigation and analysis of Janes Tattoos, the mysteries they hold and her murky + elusive past. So this episode begins with Jane and Dr. Borden in a session and he’s performing the Rorschach test on her (psychologists use this test to examine a persons personality characteristics and emotional functioning, with Jane’s amnesia Docs hope is that the ethereal nature of the images might … Continue reading Blindspot : Tattoo Analysis (2) Drone Program

new girl review

New Girl

This is quite an interesting show, speaking complete honestly the first two seasons are pure gold. Original, witty, entertaining, fresh, realistic and innovative. I can only assume that for the beginning of the third season, new writers were brought in because it was incredibly poor, i could not understand how the people creating this thought that that was the way to go. IT turned very … Continue reading New Girl

house md review

House MD.

This show has long been on my favorites list – i found it when i was doing the Leaving Cert (Irish School Final Exams) and boy did my studies suffer. I got through all 8 seasons within a few months – thankfully not the few leading up to the exams but i can safely say i was entirely distracted . The main character “Greg House” … Continue reading House MD.

Peaky Blinders review

Peaky Blinders

This is a spectacular BBC + Netflix creation that first aired in 2013 – to outstanding critical reviews. It is simply one of the best shows ever created, its extremely intelligent, artfully directed, witty and violent and just ridiculously intriguing. This is a show to smoke to but one that you enter paying FULL attention to – like watching True Detective (S01) – it draws … Continue reading Peaky Blinders