Stranger Things Review

This show is unarguably one of Netflix’s most impressive productions, serious props to The Duffer Brothers for its flawless inception and execution. They pulled a lot of references together citing Steven King, Spielberg & John Carpenter as sources of inspiration for this series. It’s construction and direction were made into something of an art. Rating 9/10 The cast is a collection of new and old … Continue reading Stranger Things Review

Peaky Blinders review

Peaky Blinders

This is a spectacular BBC + Netflix creation that first aired in 2013 – to outstanding critical reviews. It is simply one of the best shows ever created, its extremely intelligent, artfully directed, witty and violent and just ridiculously intriguing. This is a show to smoke to but one that you enter paying FULL attention to – like watching True Detective (S01) – it draws … Continue reading Peaky Blinders

jessica jones review

Jessica Jones

Rating : 8/10 This is another of Netflix’s original creations. It’s also an intriguing look at a female with superpowers, who doesn’t feel the need to strap herself into spandex and deal with petty crimes. Jessica, has put her “super” past behind her and turned into a private eye for hire. I think one of the aspects i enjoyed the most about the show is … Continue reading Jessica Jones