big cats an amazing family review

Big Cats : An Amazing Family Review

Rating : 8/10 This is my review of the first part of a two-part documentary made on the different varieties on Big Cats. Come to think of it, its perhaps less of a review and more of a declaration of adoration for BBC, SKY and the glorious creatures examined in this series. Also a bit of a “What I Learned” from the episode aswell. The … Continue reading Big Cats : An Amazing Family Review

Peaky Blinders review

Peaky Blinders

This is a spectacular BBC + Netflix creation that first aired in 2013 – to outstanding critical reviews. It is simply one of the best shows ever created, its extremely intelligent, artfully directed, witty and violent and just ridiculously intriguing. This is a show to smoke to but one that you enter paying FULL attention to – like watching True Detective (S01) – it draws … Continue reading Peaky Blinders



This is an interesting show as its thrown out the general structure of most tv series, this show decided to make their series only three episodes long. Quite a shake up from traditional television series, as most adhere to the typical twelve or twenty-four episode structures. These unique episodes are an hour and a half long, each. So its like watching three movies per season … Continue reading Sherlock