This is an interesting show as its thrown out the general structure of most tv series, this show decided to make their series only three episodes long. Quite a shake up from traditional television series, as most adhere to the typical twelve or twenty-four episode structures. These unique episodes are an hour and a half long, each. So its like watching three movies per season instead of 40 minute shorts your getting an extended exploration of the chosen Arthur Conan Doyle’s story. Nearly all the episodes are based on one of his long or short “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” pieces, with some liberties taken here and there.


When this series initially came out and was announced i was a little hesitant as at the time, i’d never actually seen Benedict Cumberbatch in anything, let alone his portrayal of one of the most replicated characters in literature. But i was a quick convert. He takes the role and does make it his own, there’s not many similarities with his Sherlock and others who have donned the cap which i liked. Although this is coming after Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law’s version, it sticks out as something entirely different. This version is a little more analytical and intelligent. There’s notions of philosophical thoughts and psychoanalytic theory used to evaluate a persona character which i quite enjoyed the use of. Cumberbatch more then made the role.


I was curious to see how the infamous Irene Adler would be depicted as her character is one that has been explored in a variety of ways, not always measuring up the Arthur Conan Doyle’s portrayal of her. I ended up being quite pleasantly surprised by her involvement in this series.


Mycroft too i much preferred in this series than the Downey Jr. Movies, although i adore Stephen Fry and venerate him religiously (pun intended) i thought the script and his version of Mycroft left a little to be desired. This Mycroft on the other hand constantly has you at ill-ease with regard to his intents but also is privy to the most highly enjoyable sibling rivalry and occasional bickering with his little brother, both of whom are inordinately intellectual, bordering on Genius. 

BBC Sherlock Review Analysis

aaand the much awaited return of “Moriarty”. When i first heard that Andrew Scott was going to be personifying this formidable character i was a little underwhelmed as i’d never really seen him in a malevolent role. Within his first few minutes on screen all my fears dissolved. Watching him and his damn diabolical actions was incredibly satisfying. I think these kind of characters are now nearly more intriguing then their protagonist counterparts since we’ve entered the era of the “Anti-Hero”.


He also has some wondrously and deceptively dark lines that with his tone enable layers for further exploration.


There’s some surprising moments of near nudity


some deducing


a few lines plucked right out of the books.

herlock the fragility of a genius

Martin Freeman plays John Watson, an ex-army doctor whose got a psychosomatic limp (unknownst to him obviously). The pair struck up a strong friendship working together on set, and then they both starred in the movie “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, Freeman playing Bilbo, and Cumberbatch personifying the infamous Smaug.

sherlock behind the scenes

We see some promises that really do hold up.

honey - u should see me in a crown

Damn does this man deliver. Take a bow sir, this is one actor that i am immeasurably happy is Irish.


I’d never seen much depth in the few little cameos i’d witnessed Cumberbatch in but i was quite impressed with his range and diversity of emotional processes in this series. The characters are interesting in this because the development they individually go through isn’t a speedy one but its one with more resolve, there’s more slow self-realizations than there is quick self-growth but it makes the show a little more philosophical and slightly less ‘easy’ to crack. That said, i do think that its valued a little higher than deserved, it is an unarguably clever series in comparison to lesser structured ones, but this show is ranked above Westworld on IMDB which i would disagree with, regardless it is worth a watch. The dynamic in the relationships Sherlock has with his side-kick and brother are what makes the show. So dive in a get binging.



RATING : 8.7 out of 10