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This show could very well be in multiple categories : Animation, Giggles, Trippy & seriously Badass – it is in the happi hippi’s opinion one of the best things ever created in this world. Genuinely. Its incredibly intelligent and witty and batshit crazy (fair warning) The story follows a granddad Rick and his grandson Morty on their intergalactic space adventures. Its god damn genius, anyone who has seen this show, needs no other motivation to watch, i can categorically say it is one of the most intelligent pieces of TV I’ve ever come across. After two seasons (and a glorious S03E01 sneakily released on April Fools as a double bluff) it is several points above Peaky Blinders, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Sherlock etc…. this glorious creation is 9.3 on IMDB and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, there is very much a reason for these insane scores.

This is one of those rare shows that is actually intelligent, witty and laugh-out-loud funny, regardless of whether your watching it alone or with company. Its also one of the most singular perfect things to watch when your stoned. I cannot count the amount of chilled couch nights w the lads where we get stoned and then watch episode after episode of this and end up in stitches. The show and its two main characters are loosely based on “Doc” and “Marty” from “Back To The Future. So we have Morty, the shy, gawky underfoot figure that gets dragged along on increasingly dangerous and ludicrous adventures by his granddad Rick, who burps in the middle of most of his sentences. the pair have some occasional familial disputes…


Rick also has the odd episode of sub-psychotic rage.


They do however get to travel to some of the most beautiful worlds – the animators at Adult swim should take a bow. Not surprisingly, the show has won multiple awards in animation and design.

Rick and Morty

Seriously stunning places

Rick and Morty

& some different dimensions

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Back to the plot, we have some very intense lines of questioning…

giphy (6)

Along with some good ol day drinking, and series crossovers. There is a full cross-over episode with the Simpsons and as discussed in the Gravity Falls post, there are some hidden easter eggs floating about throughout the series that link up with other shows that are in the same “multiverse”.

liquor in beer

There are some incredibly trippy moments, where you’ll feel like your watching an acid trip.. again something thats highly enjoyable when your stoned, this show literally absorbs you into the episodes you are entirely focused on the plot and submerse yourselves into their wacky world. 


The further into the show you get you realise how god damn perfect a human being Rick Sanchez is. His life philosophies are flawless.


The mother “Beth” is actually voiced by Elliot from Scrubs surprisingly, there are several great cameo’s littered across the two full seasons. Have a little peek in the gallery here (click to expand the photos) and you can see who some of the interesting cameos are made by. 

This show is innovative and crazy exciting, the jokes in it are well-crafted and insightful, lots of nihilism + amorality, Rick would fit right in with the “Its Always Sunny” crowd. Watch Rick take on and annihilate some lego men below .. 


It is quite an ideal show to watch at any time, when your hanging out on couches having a shmoke and chill evening, or daytime, on flights, in bed, big screen, or even when you get home after a mad night and you’ve to wait for the inevitable comedown after whatever drugs you were on, roll up a jiint and throw this bad boy on, its trippy, enjoyable, witty and we all love a narcissistic protagonist. No matter what your mood is, it’ll catch your interest.


Have a peek at a few more choice pieces of the incredible animation this show has to offer : (again, click to enlarge the photos)

So dive in, and for anyone who also watches Gravity Falls, see if you can spot the easter egg below (not a literal easter eg… if your confused by this then its not meant for you) See anything familiar? 

Rick and Morty Grafity Falls crossover

aaand lastly a gigantic thank you to Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon for creating this incredible diamond of a series. Take a bow. Justin (left) is the voice of both Rick and Morty and also writes the script whilst Dan (right) is a creator of the show and has written a few episodes too. 

Rick and Morty review analysis

Lastly I’ve a few Rick and Morty t-shirts that i adore, but i think this one was definitely the winner.