anti valentines things to watch 2018

Movies/ Series to watch this Valentine’s Day

Well well, another Valentines Day is upon us, this is only a little miniature post to suggest some viewing for those who are not massively into the themed Hallmark holiday.. Some films that are badass and hilarious instead of things like The Notebook… there will be no lovey-dovey films or series on this list. Only hilarious, dark humoured and badass ones.

Firstly we have a perosnal Favourite: this is in my opinion the best movie to watch on Valentines Day, it’s a glorious work of art, fight scenes and gratuitous violence seep throughout it.

Deadpool review


Zombieland review


The Departed

Fourthly, a series called “Legion” mindmeltingly brilliant and such a diamond to watch on this day in particular.

Legion review

Lastly, this is a series that was brought to my attention in the last few weeks. It really is a gem of a show. I’ve yet to write a post on it but that will come very soon. It’s a Netflix creation called “Lovesick”. The hook is that the protagonist finds out that he has Chlamydia, each episode is him having to tell a different ex the news and that they have to get checked. It’s humour is dark and twisted but in the best way. Strongly reccomend. All three seasons are on Netlflix just waiting for you, so get some food, alcohol and possibly some herb, treat yo-self this valentines.

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