Modern Family Review

Modern Family

This ones normally a winner no matter what mood your in. It’s refreshingly unique and witty, entertaining, extremely relatable and it encompasses all members of the family. It can and will leave you in stitches, the character of Phil Dunphy is quite possibly one of televisions greatest creations. It always puts a smile on your face, and you literally watch the kids grow up. It’s on its tenth season and has been going from 2009, meaning that your watching the growth span of 8 years of these characters lives. Endlessly entertaining and such a quotable show.



We’ve got some moments of father-son bonding.


Some intensive father-daughter driving lessons.


This couple (from left ‘Mitch and Cam’) are endlessly entertaining, their dynamic is perhaps a tad unconventional but just ridiculously funny. They’ve some charming pick-up lines.


The show has some stealthy one-liners that at first glance viewers might miss, wait for it.

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And moments of understandable feelings of inadequacy and fears that really sum up most twenty-somethings i know.


Some damn glorious jumpers.


There’s even a bit of spiderman action.


Some matching daddies outfits.


The father, Phil Dunphy is unarguably the best character, the lines out of him are just so unexpectedly funny.

Modern Family Review

You have so many episodes to get through and enjoy, another one thats quite delightful stoned, there are a few dips in quality of episodes over the seasons as it was extended but the general quality remains. It explores family dynamics that haven’t ever really been shown on television in a light-hearted comedy. And this man is the coup de gras of the show, so dive in.


& enjoy the giggles.