Kingsman : The Secret Service

Kingsman Review

This is under the title Badass, as it encompasses it impeccably well but its also very witty and laugh out loud funny. The story line is way bigger than you’d initially think. (brilliant and ridiculously relevant bigger) The fight scenes genuinely took me aback, until Deadpool came out i’d never seen such perfect choreography and direction of fight scenes. Simply perfect. Although i was skeptical of this movie being great i was won over nearly immediately, there’s a few darker threads woven into it whilst having a comical side.


The main protagonist was played by an actor named Taron Egerton, this was the first thing i’d seen him in and was quite impressed, he had done a few minor roles in different series but this was his fourth acting role and he certainly delivered. His character ‘Gary’ (or Egsy as his friends call him, yes the nickname sounds shit but you actually forget about that really quick) has grown up in a rough neighbourhood and his sense of humour is both juvenile and a little endearing.


The cast in this series is pretty damn impressive, with the main characters existing of Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L Jackson, Mark Strong and Michael Caine.

Kingsman Review

Now, the Fight scenes. When the first one begins your jaw literally drops repeatedly, the choreography, direction, camera-work, it blends together so seamlessly and uses a combination of slow and sped up shots to create a brilliant dynamic. We start off with something simple.


Then the hook is revealed, and your instantly immersed in it.


The plot, Egsy our protagonist lives with his mom and her abusive boyfriend. He gets into a sticky situation and gets a helping hand from someone he never knew existed, Harry Hart (Firth) and gets offered the chance to apply to become a Kingsman. (the modern day knights) This path is far from easy and the trials and tribulations are extensive, and most importantly, life-threatening.


In a way this story is a Bildungroman (coming-of-age) and we see Egsy mature mentally and physically. There’s nods to several other movies with a similar path (Trading places + Nikita), as is said to Egsy “Your life with the lack of a silver spoon has led you to a certain path, but you needn’t stay on it, if your will to work, you can adapt and change.”


The dynamic of Hart and Esgy (Firth and Egerton) works incredibly well on screen as we have an respected and refined elder, with a rough young scallion who’s street smarts and youthful innovation give him innumerable unique talents. I was personally surprised with the quality of the script and story arc along with the inclusion of modernization of defences. The secret gadgets and hidden rooms didn’t hurt either..


This is another movie that i enjoyed for several particular reasons, one being that although they reference and give respect to previous pieces of film and television culture, it didn’t remind me of anything else i’d seen. This is a quality i enjoy in all mediums of work (books, tv, movies, plays, art etc). When a director has a certain vision for something and is able to recognize their metaphorical hat-tip to other works without seeming to ‘take them on’ is a balance thats tricky to get right. One movie i would lightly compare it to is Deadpool, its humour is very similar with exquisite fight-scenes and a witty but mischievous protagonist, but also there is bits of everything in the film, drama, action, comedy its all-inclusive and tips the scales perfectly. Well-crafted ‘lad humour’ tends to put a smile on my face regardless.


The antagonist in this film is played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays a ludicrously wealthy billionaire philanthropist and tech creator who appears to be doing the world endless favours and brims with apparent altruistic tendencies but who’s real purpose is far more nefarious than you would guess having seen the trailer for this film. There’s so much relevancy to this film right now as Climate Change is one of the biggest themes in the movie, and something that inevitably drives the plot forward. Good vs Evil round one. 

Kingsman Review

Back to the plot, we have some impressive parkour skills.

Kingsman Review

& an adorable puppy, who actually acts as a medium for us to watch Egsy’s transition and growth of character, as JB (the pug) grows, so does his owner.

Kingsman Review

There is a slight sci-fy edge, but not a supernatural one, more one where things and technologies are next level to whats actually around today so although the movie is set in reality and todays actual time there is some extensive technologies and weaponry that make you so damn happy. Also, despite the age gap, Firth and Egerton got on incredibly well, and struck up a friendship that still lasts today.


Red carpet game is strong, imagine you get cast in your first ever movie, in which you are the main character, and then you find out your working with two of the biggest and most revered names in the business.

Kingsman Review

They also poked fun whilst at interviews sometimes answering the question “Could you describe the relationship between your characters in the movie?” Egerton replies :


Think we’ll end on that high-note, the rundown is, watch this movie. If your in the mood to be sucked into a gigantic and deceptively dark and well crafted modern-bond-like film then look no further.