jessica jones review

Jessica Jones

Rating : 8/10

This is another of Netflix’s original creations. It’s also an intriguing look at a female with superpowers, who doesn’t feel the need to strap herself into spandex and deal with petty crimes. Jessica, has put her “super” past behind her and turned into a private eye for hire. I think one of the aspects i enjoyed the most about the show is that there’s a pretty frank honesty and a refreshingly stark account of what it means to deal with trauma. There’s no attempt to whitewash the dark struggle that the inhabitants of the series experience. Krysten Ritter portrays our marvel heroine, I’d previously only seen her in rom-coms and of course as Jessie Pinkman’s girl for awhile in Breaking Bad. I wasn’t sure what kind of quality to expect for a series that was to be quite dark and emotionally heavy, I was pleasantly surprised. 

jessica jones

Another thing i enjoyed about the series, was how her ‘power’ was shown. We’re aware immediately that Jessica is inhumanly strong, and though she’s slight physically, the way they portray her strength is done quite perfectly, and also captures exactly how i feel when my morning alarm goes off. 

Jessica jones

The cast is also something that interested me when i saw who’d been announced. David Tennant is a big name and had been on my radar for years (meaning i knew of him and what he looked like) but apart from the occasional add for Doctor Who, i’d never actually seen him in anything. With that in mind, i went into Jessica Jones with a blank slate and was quite satisfied with his portrayal of Kilgrave, & made the character resonate more as his own then even the original comic thread.

Jessica Jones Review

We’ve got our main character and protagonist miss Jessica Jones. Who suffers from PTSD from a troubled past – the show explores an impressive array of topics along with Misogeny, Abuse & Rape. But one admirable thing about Jones is that she shows emotional strength, and doesn’t live her life by pitying herself. Dealing with trauma and accepting that your allowed to feel pain and a range of emotions is one thing, she doesnt wallow in self-pity. Though to some it might sound like a shrug off, its completely true.

jessica jones

The show also explores some interesting powers. Jones’ ex, the delusional Kilgrave, (Tennant) his power is that people will do whatever he says. Be it, “throw coffee in your face”, or “jump on the spot till you die”. But one line in particular stood out to me as at one point he complains that he has to constantly think and overthink every little thing he does and choose his words cautiously consstantly. I will admit it would leave some interesting results…

jessica jones

Though he is unarguably a sociopath, there are a few moments that leave you like..

jessica jones

So dive in, if your in the mood for some dark subject matter, a serious amount of action and fight scenes, and some psychologically interesting characters who dabble in the occasional bit of existential crisis. Your protagonists curt behaviour becomes something quite surprisingly endearing, not unlike that of “House M.D”.

jessica jones