Five of my Favourite Series

The Happi Hippis favourite series

Legion   Rating : 8.7/10

This series has repeatedly blown my mind, in multiple episodes. It stars Dan Stevens who plays Marvel Comics infamous ‘Legion’. Legion began as a comic book series that FX took under its wing and pupated into the most ridiculously intriguing, intelligent and insightful thought-provoking show.  The protagonist in the series is “David Haller” who is a mentally-ill patient in a psychiatric hospital when we meet him in present day. The world that we’re immersed into is one that links up with the X-men universe, so although David accepts that he is mentally ill, he is also aware that he has a power. This is one for any X-men fans who’ve wished that the films would get a bit more intelligent and high-brow your prayers have been answered. The cinematography, direction, script, all of the above and more open your eyes to this new wave of intellectually inclined comic-book exports that have more than just entertainment value.



The Happi Hippis favourite

Westworld     Rating : 9.5/10

This show is riddled inside and out with philosophical schools of thought, nods to the great thinkers of the world and some incredibly tantalizing concepts and ideas that can leave you talking about the show for hours at a pub….. literally. The juxtaposition of the Western themed theme park and the futuristic labs and buildings create quite a unique visual display. The show is set in an unspecified time in the future, at least a hundred if not a few by my guess. And at first sight, we’re shown that the concept of “Westworld” is that its like a theme park where the incredibly wealthy can come and visit and play cowboys and escape their real lives. It’s themes are technology, technological advancement, psychology and philosophical schools of thought, human behaviour and the premise / crux of the series being artificial intelligence, or more accurately, artificial consciousness. It Is in my opinion one of the most intelligent series I’ve ever encountered, your mind will melt, but you will be so damn satisfied when you finish the season.

mindhunter review

For anyone who is even remotely interested in human behaviour or psychology, this series is a goldmine and heavenly to watch. Its insightful, clever, witty, dark, perfectly scripted and shot. There are no flaws that I can pick out, and I’ve watched it in its entirety several times. As someone who is incredibly interested in psychology and understanding why people act the way they do, to say I adored the show, is an understatement. There’s also a surprising amount of dark humour in it, it is in no way a comedy or even a split genre with comedy but there are a good few chuckles to escape you. Our protagonist in the series is the intrepid rookie ‘Holden Ford’ who is a hostage negotiator with the FBI, but wants to expand the pool of resources within the bureau and push the boundaries. Strongly recommend.


The Happi Hippis favourite series

House     Rating : 8.8/10

This show has long been on my favourites list – The main character “Greg House” was based on Sherlock Holmes – the genius IQ with social ineptitude’s and slightly autistic tendencies when it comes to change in any part of his life. The main difference being that it’s not murders he’s investigating and trying to solve – its differential diagnosis. He’s the doctor with an impressively appalling bed-side manner but is a darling of a devil’s advocate. His sense of humour is dark and yet endearing. He is a man of logic, not faith, and the series was surprisingly popular in the US, surprising only because the US has a checkered past with a strong disliking of series that have protagonists who don’t believe in God, let alone one who mocks the entire concept of religion. The series has earned its high rating, and maintained it, worth a watch.


The Happi Hippis favourite series

Stranger Things     Rating : 9/10

This show is unarguably one of Netflix’s most impressive productions, serious props to The Duffer Brothers for its flawless inception and execution. The story follows a trio of inquisitive boys and their curious new friend “Elle” (short for Eleven) whom they find in the middle of the night whilst searching for their missing comrade Will. The series is shrouded in mystery, Genre wise it could be in Drama, Mystery, Action, Comedy, and then some. IT’s nerdy, intelligent, philosophical at times, whilst making not-so-subtle digs at past real-life government experiments that occurred in the US. This is a series you will no doubt have heard of, and it deserves every piece of praise its gotten, impeccably written, directed, cast, every facet of this couldn’t be improved upon. Perfection.