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First impressions of Ho Tram, Vietnam

This leg of the journey was our last, after a full month of travelling around Vietnam as we’d flown into the top of Vietnam and then worked our way down to the bottom and flew out home from there. There are so many incredible villas in this place, when we arrived at our final destination, this was the place (we were told) that we were going to be able to relax. The serenity after the chaos of manic travelling around with our backpacks and staying somewhere different every two nights. The last five nights of our trip were spent in this haven. One of the things that regularly stunned me was how incredibly kind and caring the Vietnamese are. And also the architecture and ways in which the buildings (reception, villas, pool-houses etc..) are created. I was constantly just in awe of this stunning place.

travelling vietnam

When we get inside they offer you each a fresh juice concoction in chilled glasses with icy cold towelettes rolled up to cool yourself off with. They give you each several maps of the lands and offer to take you on a short tour so you can get yourself familiar with the grounds. The whole area around this resort there is just rural farm grounds and no main roads with any kind of town so once you arrive you are in the enclosure till you leave. (Although the grounds do back up onto the beach of which they have their own private section of) But you want for absolutely nothing here, there is everything you could possibly wish for, all ages included.

travelling vietnam ho tram

Once the rules had been explained and the days activities had been touched on. (yoga and tai chi every afternoon) We then began our tour of the grounds, there are two different swimming pools that are communal (and then some of the villas on the little island have their own personal pools each. That said, the normal ones were pretty stunning.

 travelling ho tram ho tram

As you wander the grounds it becomes incredibly easy to see why people pack up their lives and just move here to become happier. The entire of Vietnam is covered in spots like this that are tranquil and peaceful, it’s like taking a natural Xanax or vallium. With it being pumped into the air and you wake up happy, at peace and full of zen. Everything your looking puts your mind at ease.

travelling vietnam ho tram