Dark Shadows Review

Dark Shadows

Dark shadows is a movie i absolutely adore, i will admit i haven’t seen the TV show that this was based on from the 70s. It’s so many seasons to watch and the series doesn’t come across too intelligent or inspired so i don’t know that ill get around to it... But the movie enraptured me immediately. It’s incredibly fairytale-esque and it’s quite a nostalgic viewing, it’s something thats very enjoyable and comforting to rewatch also. The visual is where it is very much in the foreground, as per usual the scene, set design and costumes are a work of art. Another of Tim Burton’s glorious works when it comes to portraying many sides of an outcast or someone who is ‘othered’ and cast aside due to differences. 

Rating : 7/10


It is seriously sweet to watch w a few jiints if you want to get drawn in – i would recommend that to see this movie you should watch / download in high definition ( preferably 1080p or anything higher ) I’ts another beautiful creation of Tim Burton and his classic crew of Elfman, Depp & Bonham-Carter – all of which are pretty damn superb in their roles. Along w a beguiling Michelle Pfeiffer. The costume designer seriously did some well-crafted work. The cinematography is breathtaking – the locations they chose could not have been any more perfect, every single wide angle shot is done exquisitely. Take a bow Bruno. 

photography beautiful

We’ve the enchanting Eva Green (former Bond Girl) playing the delightfully if not, slightly psychotic antagonist. It’s quite a fantastical movie, the attention to detail in it is ridiculously perfect – as per usual its a classic Burton fairytale with evoking villains. Granted some of Burton’s creations have been unholy and trainwreck-like, but this is one which didn’t miss the mark, the CGI in it will astound you regularly; for example these “cracks” shown below, literally look like Eva is made of porcelain.


It introduces a newcomer to my screen Bella Heathcote, who plays the ridiculously delectable Victoria Winters, whose bouncy curls leave you smirking a little, and whose story becomes even more intriguing than the protagonist’s, takes you by surprise. She also shows a surprising depth to the character who’s emotional state is complex to say the least. For a firstimer (to me) i was incredibly impressed and immediately looked her IMDB up to see what else she’d been in. 


It is at its base, surprisingly, a comedy. There are several laugh-out-loud moments mostly induced by Johnny Depp’s Character ‘Barnabas Collins’ but a good few come from his friend Miss Helena Bonham Carter, who plays an alcoholic and troubled psychiatrist who is constantly hungover but sometimes surprisingly succinct.


We have some typical teenage behaviour, Though i enjoy Chloe Grace Moretz as an actress her characters end plot was exceptionally random and out of nowhere – take that away and every single other part of the movie is quite enthralling. Granted it was probably in the original script plot from the series but it just kind of amounted to nothing and seemed a little pointless. In my opinion, if this little tangent in the plot was taken out it would have been several points up in its critic scores on both IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes. So if your able to apply cognitive dissonance in your viewings, scrap her end plot and enjoy the rest of the heavenly film. 

dark shadows

If your a slightly evolved viewer and are able to accept one flaw in a movie but that movie still have merit, then take that insignificant character away and this piece is beautifully crafted, the script, the mis-en-scene, set design, direction, everything. Have a peek at the mini gallery I’ve put in here and you’ll get a sense of what I’m saying.

The story follows Barnabas Collins, a man who had a dalliance and scorned the wrong woman, one who turned out to be practiced in witchcraft, promptly buried him alive. Due to unforeseen circumstances he is unleashed after 300 years of captivity and is unleashed upon the town of “Collinsport”, the era : the sixties, the film follows him as he attempts to re-adjust to his new life and the new era that he is woefully uninformed on. Some downtime with his great great great great great great nephew and some dinosaurs leads to an interesting scene.

dark shadows

There’s some pretty badass hypnosis from our resident vamp, interestingly, the film takes a unique take on the already saturated-market after drivel like Twilight and True Blood, it takes an intellectual and eloquent angle.

dark shadows

Some stunning ghosts.

dark shadows

Burton’s got some witty writers on this, hell of a convoluted way to say Kiss My Ass.

dark shadows

It also throws in some decent and not altogether inaccurate name association humour.

dark shadows

So dive into the visually magnificent and witty movie, you wont regret it. I’m going to eventually have a little page of behind the scenes pictures from the making of this movie, so hold tight.

dark shadows