New Girl Review

New Girl

. This is quite an interesting show, speaking complete honestly the first two seasons are pure gold. Original, witty, entertaining, fresh, realistic and innovative. I can only assume that for […]

Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  . this is another great one – old school enough to feel a little nostalgic – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ran from 1990 – 1996 and has […]

Modern Family Review

Modern Family

. . This ones normally a winner no matter what mood your in. It’s refreshingly unique and witty, entertaining, extremely relatable and it encompasses all members of the family. It […]

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine

. This is in my top 5 favourite shows, it is incredibly witty and one of the best pieces of television and comedy created in the last decade.  Its about […]

The Big Bang Theory Review

The Big Bang Theory

. This is personally one of my favourites from a sentimental and nostalgic point of view, if i’m ever sideways on the couch hibernating in a duvet and coping w […]