Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy

. . This is a movie that i would genuinely recommend to everyone, the soundtrack alone is reason enough to throw it on, but its also a legitimately well-crafted film […]

New Girl Review

New Girl

. This is quite an interesting show, speaking complete honestly the first two seasons are pure gold. Original, witty, entertaining, fresh, realistic and innovative. I can only assume that for […]

The Night Before Review

The Night Before

. . This is truly one of the funniest & most original comedies ive seen in quite awhile – with a hilarious and refreshingly realistic portrayal of what happens when […]

Gravity Falls Review

Gravity Falls

. This one is an animation but also fits into the trippy or Giggles category, “Gravity Falls” is a Disney creation – take out the plot line, the animation alone […]

Modern Family Review

Modern Family

. . This ones normally a winner no matter what mood your in. It’s refreshingly unique and witty, entertaining, extremely relatable and it encompasses all members of the family. It […]

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine

. This is in my top 5 favourite shows, it is incredibly witty and one of the best pieces of television and comedy created in the last decade.  Its about […]

Rick and Morty

Rick & Morty

This show could very well be in multiple categories : Animation, Giggles, Trippy & seriously Badass – it is in the happi hippi’s opinion one of the best things ever […]