Madagascar attenborough review

Madagascar (Attenborough series) Review

Rating : 9/10 This is potentially my favourite of Attenborough’s series, in 2011 this six episode ‘mini-series’ was released, and it was brought to my attention in early 2012. I had seen so little of Madagascar then, if any. Those few years ago platforms like Instagram weren’t what they are now, or if they were i didn’t hop on that band-wagon soon enough, Getting to … Continue reading Madagascar (Attenborough series) Review

pretty trippy stoner gifs

Stoner GIFs – Coral Reefs

. This page is for the solo stoners who like to smoke up and crawl through the internet searching for something pretty or hypnotic to look at. Personally i adore watching David Attenborough documentaries when im stoned because its damn near therapeutic. Seeing the incredible shots of nature when your seriously stoned has a certain meditative feel to it. So this page is a loada … Continue reading Stoner GIFs – Coral Reefs

Planet Earth II – Deserts

Planet Earth II – David Attenborough + BBC Episode 4 : Deserts This weeks episode was ‘Deserts’. Imagine a world where temperatures rise to 120 degree Fahrenheit, where there’s no escape from sun, wind and dust. A world with almost no food, or water. These are the conditions in one third of the lands of our planet. To live here demands the most extraordinary survival … Continue reading Planet Earth II – Deserts

Planet Earth 2 review

Planet Earth II – Mountains

Planet Earth II – David Attenborough + BBC Episode 2 : Mountains . Last weeks installment left us departing from “Islands”, with some stunning view shots and examinations of an array of different lifeforms. This week we explore mountains, David rings us in with an insightful introduction (as per usual) – the man can do no wrong. . . “There are only a dozen peaks … Continue reading Planet Earth II – Mountains

Planet Earth Season 2 gifs

Planet Earth II – Islands

Planet Earth – David Attenborough BBC S02 E01 : Islands This is a post on the first episode of the long-awaited second season of Planet Earth – an incredible TEN years after the release of the first . Attenborough as per usual looking simply, adorable. Due to new technologies and camera’s they can now show us life on the planet in entirely new ways. We see … Continue reading Planet Earth II – Islands