blindspot honeycomb

Blindspot Analysis – The HoneyComb Theory

. . this is a little analysis / opinions (my own) of the TV show “Blindspot” – as were now on the twentieth episode (of 24) a LOT more has […]

The Departed Review

The Departed

. This is one seriously spectacular movie – the cast alone is outstanding – 50% of the movies budget went to the actors salaries, Which does make sense when you […]

Harry Potter Review

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

. This is was potentially one of my favourite movies and books from the Harry Potter series. Speaking solely on the movies, by the time the third one came around […]

dark shadows

Dark Shadows

Dark shadows is a movie i absolutely adore – i havent seen the TV show – its so many seasons to watch so i dont know that ill get around […]

The Magicians Review

The Magicians

. This is a new series that came out at the very end off 2015 / the very beginning of 2016 – it is based on the phenomenal books series […]

22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street

. this movie is pretty hilarious – its funnier than its predecessor in my opinion – its incredibly self-aware and has a specific sort of satire – this is the […]

jessica jones

Jessica Jones

. This is another of Netflix’s impressive creations . Jessica : a former superhero who decides to change up her life by becoming a private investigator & ends up dealing […]



 . This is an interesting show as its thrown out the general structure of most tv series, this show decided to make their series only three episodes long. Quite a […]

Rick and Morty

Rick & Morty

This show could very well be in multiple categories : Animation, Giggles, Trippy & seriously Badass – it is in the happi hippi’s opinion one of the best things ever […]

The Originals

The Originals

this can easily dip between Badass & ‘Fantastical’ this started as a spin-off show from the characters introduced in The Vampire Diaries . Its one that really grabs your attention […]