deadpool review

Deadpool review

This i can easily say is one of my favourite films, having studied film in college, there was so many ridiculously brilliant aspects to it. It’s one of the most self-aware pieces i’ve come across, with witty comments about its creation, background, the universe its set in… etc. There is a lot of fight scenes, but it’s similar in a way to Kingsman in how … Continue reading Deadpool review

Zombieland Review


This is a film that commands respect, adoration and contains some serious violence. Although the title and brief blurb appear to be all action it is at its base, incredibly comedic. This is one of those movies like Deadpool that could be categorized into several genres as its variance is impressive.  The cast? Solid. The two main protagonists are Woody Harrelson and Jessie Eisenberg, and … Continue reading Zombieland

Legion Series review

Legion review

This series has repeatedly blown my mind, in multiple episodes. It stars Dan Stevens who plays Marvel Comics infamous ‘Legion’. Legion began as a comic book series that FX took under its wing and pupated into the most ridiculously intriguing, intelligent and insightful thought-provoking show. There is not a single flaw in this piece. The first series has 8 episodes and they’re hour long, this … Continue reading Legion review

Stranger Things Review

This show is unarguably one of Netflix’s most impressive productions, serious props to The Duffer Brothers for its flawless inception and execution. They pulled a lot of references together citing Steven King, Spielberg & John Carpenter as sources of inspiration for this series. It’s construction and direction were made into something of an art. Rating 9/10 The cast is a collection of new and old … Continue reading Stranger Things Review

house md review

House MD.

This show has long been on my favorites list – i found it when i was doing the Leaving Cert (Irish School Final Exams) and boy did my studies suffer. I got through all 8 seasons within a few months – thankfully not the few leading up to the exams but i can safely say i was entirely distracted . The main character “Greg House” … Continue reading House MD.