Logan Review


. The script in this movie far surpasses a lot of the previous X-men’s, the first few particularly. I really enjoyed ‘First Class’ and did quite enjoy ‘Days of Future […]

Big Hero 6 Review

Big Hero 6

. . Rating : 7.7 This is a film that won an Oscar for “Best Animated Feature Film” in 2015 upon it’s release. It is immediately obvious why when you […]


. This i can easily say is one of my favourite films, having studied film in college, there was so many ridiculously brilliant aspects to it. It’s one of the […]

Zombieland Review


. This is a film that commands respect, adoration and contains some serious violence. Although the title and brief blurb appear to be all action it is at its base, […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy

. . This is a movie that i would genuinely recommend to everyone, the soundtrack alone is reason enough to throw it on, but its also a legitimately well-crafted film […]


. . This series has repeatedly blown my mind, in multiple episodes. It stars Dan Stevens who plays Marvel Comics infamous ‘Legion’. Legion began as a comic book series that […]

Stranger Things Review

Stranger Things Review

. A Creation of : The Duffer Brothers Rating : 9/10 . . This show is unarguably one of Netflix’s most impressive productions – props to The Duffer Brothers for its […]

The Night Manager Review

The Night Manager

. This highly anticipated and incredibly well-revered show is an impeccably written one. Its based on a novel (of the same name) written by John Le Carre in 1993. Production […]

Breaking Bad Review

Breaking Bad

. This glorious series comes to us from AMCs infinite wisdom. It follows Walter White who is a chemistry teacher in his local school, a husband and father. His wife […]