lucifer review

Lucifer review

This is a tv series that is a thoroughly enjoyable one for an easy-going hangover couch day. It’s not a high-brow highly intellectual show nor does it pretend to be, but its witty, surprisingly uniquely comedic and got a good bit of action. It’s loosely based on the concept of God, the devil, heaven, hell and angels. The premise being that Lucifer (son of God) … Continue reading Lucifer review

mindhunter review


Rating : 9.5/10 This series came on my radar a few months before it got released on Netflix. The trailer had highly impressed me, looking at serial killer and attempting to analyse their psychology and what drives human beings to act the way they do. What happens when the motive isn’t logical. This is one of Netflix’s newest creations, and in my opinion one of it’s … Continue reading Mindhunter

Logan Review

Logan review

Rating: 7.8/10 The script in this movie far surpasses a lot of the previous X-men’s, the first few particularly. I really enjoyed ‘First Class’ and did quite enjoy ‘Days of Future Past’ but this i think ranks above all of the franchises past endeavors. What intrigues me further in this movie then others in its past did, is that it not only looks at what … Continue reading Logan review