brooklyn nine nine review

Brooklyn Nine Nine Review

Brooklyn Nine Nine

This is in my top 5 favourite shows, it is incredibly witty and one of the best pieces of television and comedy created in the last decade.  Its about the lives and adventures / cases of a group of cops who work in the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn, short episode structure each one lasting 22 minutes. I strongly recommend this as its impossible to be in a bad mood watching it. The characters are all delightfully strange and quirky, Andy Samberg as always is phenomenal & the show is actually quite refreshing in its style, script and structure. It doesn’t remind me of any other show out there, part of the reason i adore it as that’s a rare trait. It’s quite unique & pushes the boundaries on what could be interpreted as “acceptable” topics for humour, the cast is also quite endearing.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Samburg had actually avoided tv shows as a habit and solely worked on music and movies, that is until he read the script for this and thought it was genius. When the executive producer “Michael Schur” pitched this idea to studios – they fought over it & incited a frenzy to outbid eachother for the rights – this was all before the full script for the first few episodes was even written. The cast was also chosen so damn perfectly, something you’ll be immediately captured by.

Brooklyn nine nine review

The series has so many damn laughs, and the short episodes (22 minutes) bring it in a similar comedic structure to ‘Parks and Recreation’, ‘Rick and Morty’, & ‘Gravity Falls’. You’ll find yourself in a bit of pain from laughing quite hard….. especially when your stoned.


To the plot, we’ve got some seriously effective guilt trips.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

some high fives.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Some perfect responses to those who believe in crystals, tarot, psychics, astrology etc…


& as expected the precinct doesn’t waste a single tax-payers dollar whilst cracking into cases…


Its another show that has the minute introduction of a comedic clip, followed by the intro and theme song, and some of it’s intros are just perfection : “Take a good look kids….

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Its cameo’s continue to just get better and better. Just when you think you’ve seen one so perfect it can’t be topped… They manage to out-do themselves.

Brooklyn nine nine review

An example of one of the most perfect Cameos : Neil DeGrasse Tyson (who happens to be one of the very few people on this earth i would actually fan-girl over..

My favourite character : Miss Gina Linetti. Queen of the precinct. And a compulsive, borderline sociopathic clepto who’s dedication to her work is admirable.


Who speaks some home truths, the actress who plays Gina “Chelsea Peretti” is actually a writer as well and she wrote several episodes of Parks & Recreations. She and Samburg are actually childhood friends – they went to the same elementary school & often carpooled which they put in as the backstory between the onscreen characters.


Captain Holt, the precinct’s leader and resident ‘fatherly’ character. Although his character is gay, he sure can charm the ladies when he needs to…

holt whassup

The episodes have remained fresh and creative, and uniquely enough the series really found its bones in the second season. The first is great but its hits its stride when the episodes hit their double digits. There really are some golden moments.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

If your looking for an easy-going stoner comedy series that you can binge and chuckle away to, this is for you. It has also got a lot of heart and although the characters can seem a tad eccentric the first few episodes, this becomes something you adore real quick. Smoke up and dive in.

Rating 8.5/10

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