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 This series came out this time last year to substantial viewings and its in the badass category for a reason. Blindspot is an NBC production – its worth mentioning that when it initially aired, when only 9 of the 23 episodes the first season contained were released it got renewed for a second season due to its success .

Review : 7/10

I’d recommend this is your in the mood for action – mystery – thriller & some badass moves. The show combines a bit of everything – theres bits of humour scattered throughout with a lot of brilliantly choreographed fight scenes along w. mesmerizing tattoo puzzles, there’s also an impressively strong female cast. All of whom are intelligent, capable and enduring characters. Now, there are a few things that could be improved upon… but once you resign to the fact that they wont change and just enjoy it regardless of these little factors, your good to go. “Kurt Weller” plays by Aussie ‘Sullivan Stapleton’ is a bit of a wooden actor, theres just not many moments where he comes across legitamite & his words at times seem a tad forced. But the main character, “Jane Doe” is the coup de gras and you could watch the show for her alone. Played by Jaimie Alexander, she personifies and embodies her role exquisitly.

Blindspot review

NBC did a lot of Promo work, and it was well-crafted. The tattoo’s are undeniably stunning and incredible detail oriented, even if your someone who dislikes tattoos in general, you’d find it difficult not to be drawn in by the depth of hers.


They began by introducing the intriguing ‘Jane Doe’ covered in a maze of tattoos that they later find to be a complex treasure map of crimes to solve and ones that will happen in the future – every layer on each part of her body is hidden multiple clues (incredibly difficult to configure clues i should add) .


Shortly after shes found shes poked and prodded to try and find out anything and everything about her as shes been induced with amnesia. Tiny doses of a drug found in her bloods had been used preliminary for PTSD: rape victims, soldiers, etc. We find out her entire system is flooded with it.

jaen poked and prodded

Jaimie Alexander “Jane” is pretty damn convincing in this role, portraying someone who doesn’t know their own history and finding out little snippets that look like abusive was involved is nearly more jarring than knowing.


We learn pretty quickly within the pilot episode that she’s got some serious skills and has obviously had extensive training. Jaimie has a stunt double but she’s mostly used for scenes with explosions or high risk events, but Jaimie herself does nearly all the fight choreography.

fight scene jane full

She may not know much but she knows how to throw down.

jane smile

There are bits of everything in show as int here’s a little humour, action, drama, few chilling moments. But all in all this isn’t exactly a light and breezy show, there’s a good few heavier elements, emotional & physical torture occur fairly regularly.


Personally i really do appreciate the tattoos as seriously artistic aswell which makes the show that bit more compelling. Watching Jane go around with her badass self and her enviable tatts does intrigue you to look at getting some.. 

Blindspot review

We’ve one ridiculously attractive man… (*cough.. Francois Arnaud)


The concept of a protagonist who’s got a form of chemically induced anemia acts as an incredibly unique and interesting growth medium. She’s slowly finding out who she is, what she thinks, believes in and stands for. Along with figuring out pieces of herself and her history, there’s a lot of fear but damn is it an interesting reveal.

blindspot review analysis

The series also deals with fairly current and socio-relevant cultures and tropes. Each episode relates or correlates to a specific tattoo that they’re attempting to decode. (along with a grand story arc running throughout the series) For example, in one episode we examine the ethics of the Drone Program, in another; the concept of creating Super Soldiers… etc. Although it’s not an incredibly intelligent series on a level near “Westworld” or “The Sopranos” it’s got some merit as there’s several major topics that are pretty damn relevant to 2017’s culture. One episode i found interesting, which was basically the plot of Kingsman, was the idea of unknowingly culling the population so that the earth could survive. Interesting huh?

A few explosions here and there, This is a fast-paced and witty series, I’m not claiming its an intellectually stimulating series but it’s highly intriguing and includes a lot of mystery and puzzles. & a hell of a lot of pretty badass fight scenes so dive in and enjoy!

blindspot review