To The Bone Review

To The Bone

Rating : 7.5/10 This is a film that was commissioned and created by Netflix, and it premiered on July 14 to some mixed reviews. In my opinion, films that attempt to comment on, raise awareness, or do anything to an ‘illness’ of any kind, be in physical or mental, are always going to come under fire, warranted or not. Having read and watched a few … Continue reading To The Bone

Logan Review


The script in this movie far surpasses a lot of the previous X-men’s, the first few particularly. I really enjoyed ‘First Class’ and did quite enjoy ‘Days of Future Past’ but this i think ranks above all of the franchises past endeavors. What intrigue me further in this movie then others in its past did, is that it not only looks at what humanity will … Continue reading Logan

deadpool review


This i can easily say is one of my favourite films, having studied film in college, there was so many ridiculously brilliant aspects to it. It’s one of the most self-aware pieces i’ve come across, with witty comments about its creation, background, the universe its set in… etc. There is a lot of fight scenes, but it’s similar in a way to Kingsman in how … Continue reading Deadpool