Stoner GIFs Turtles

Stoner GIFs – Turtles

. This page is for the solo stoners who like to smoke up and crawl through the internet searching for something pretty or hypnotic to look at. Personally i adore watching David Attenborough documentaries when im stoned because its damn near therapeutic. Seeing the incredible shots of nature when your seriously stoned has a certain meditative feel to it. So this page is a loada … Continue reading Stoner GIFs – Turtles

big cats an amazing family review

Big Cats : An Amazing Family Review

Rating : 8/10 This is my review of the first part of a two-part documentary made on the different varieties on Big Cats. Come to think of it, its perhaps less of a review and more of a declaration of adoration for BBC, SKY and the glorious creatures examined in this series. Also a bit of a “What I Learned” from the episode aswell. The … Continue reading Big Cats : An Amazing Family Review