Peaky Blinders review

Peaky Blinders

This is a spectacular BBC + Netflix creation that first aired in 2013 – to outstanding critical reviews. It is simply one of the best shows ever created, its extremely intelligent, artfully directed, witty and violent and just ridiculously intriguing. This is a show to smoke to but one that you enter paying FULL attention to – like watching True Detective (S01) – it draws … Continue reading Peaky Blinders

The Night Before Review

The Night Before

This is truly one of the funniest & most original comedies i’ve seen in quite awhile – with a hilarious and refreshingly realistic portrayal of what happens when you take drugs. Most movies just show really basic interpretations of people on different drugs but this movie will have you constantly pissing yourself laughing and thinking “been there”. The way Seth Rogen’s character portrays his trippy … Continue reading The Night Before

Sleepy Hollow Review

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Another of Tim Burton’s magical creations, I’m not personally partial to Fox’s remake of this that was serialised for television, but the original is quite a satisfying watch. This is an American Gothic Horror film, and it primarily follows Constable Ichobad Crane in 1799 who lives in New York but is sent out to a little town to investigate several curious murders. The main character … Continue reading Sleepy Hollow (1999)

blindspot review analysis

Blindspot Analysis – The HoneyComb Theory

This is a little analysis / opinions (my own) of the TV show “Blindspot” – as were now on the twentieth episode (of 24) a LOT more has happened since i wrote the post to begin with – this labyrinth of a show has so many things happening but its not too much its the perfect balance of action, drama, intensity, and a few good … Continue reading Blindspot Analysis – The HoneyComb Theory

The Departed

This is one seriously spectacular movie – the cast alone is outstanding – 50% of the movies budget went to the actors salaries, Which does make sense when you see the line-up. Its got everything in it and is critically acclaimed – seriously impressive script, actors, direction – It’s a similar structure to Peaky Blinders in this frame of mind, as every facet of it … Continue reading The Departed