Dark Shadows Review

Dark Shadows

Dark shadows is a movie i absolutely adore, i will admit i haven’t seen the TV show that this was based on from the 70s. It’s so many seasons to watch and the series doesn’t come across too intelligent or inspired so i don’t know that ill get around to it… But the movie enraptured me immediately. It’s incredibly fairytale-esque and it’s quite a nostalgic … Continue reading Dark Shadows

the night before review

22 Jump Street

This movie is pretty hilarious. And i would actually go as far as too say i personally think it’s funnier than its predecessor. It’s incredibly self-aware and has a specific sort of satire – this is the exception to the rule of “crappy sequels” It’s end credits scene is also one of the best ones I’ve seen in years. I can only imagine the amount … Continue reading 22 Jump Street