The Originals

The Originals

Rating: 7/10 This series can easily dip between Badass & Fantastical, it started as a spin-off show from the characters introduced in The Vampire Diaries. It’s one that really grabs your attention, and follows the ‘Original’ family roaming around New Orleans with no morals and very little empathy, who literally and figuratively rip peoples hearts out. It also happens to have one of the most … Continue reading The Originals

Lucy film review


Rating : 7/10 This movie is great to watch your a little stoned, I saw Lucy in the cinema when it came out , When i had gone to see it myself and a friend had smoked a little joint just before crawling into the cinema which definitely upped the ante. But it’s also quite an interesting watch if your someone who’s interested in the … Continue reading Lucy


This is under the title Badass, as it encompasses it impeccably well but its also very witty and laugh out loud funny. The story line is way bigger than you’d initially think. (brilliant and ridiculously relevant bigger) The fight scenes genuinely took me aback, until Deadpool came out i’d never seen such perfect choreography and direction of fight scenes. Simply perfect. Although i was skeptical … Continue reading Kingsman

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if you’d like to ask me anything at all feel free to contact me here 🙂 whether its in regards to Chronic pain and anything under that umbrella from procedures – medications to things ive found that helped reduce / live with the pain – or whether its about different awesome movies / TV shows to get stuck into on a saturday night with or without … Continue reading contact me