This is an interesting show as its thrown out the general structure of most tv series, this show decided to make their series only three episodes long. Quite a shake up from traditional television series, as most adhere to the typical twelve or twenty-four episode structures. These unique episodes are an hour and a half long, each. So its like watching three movies per season … Continue reading Sherlock

Gravity Falls Review

Gravity Falls

This one is an animation but also fits into the trippy or Giggles category, “Gravity Falls” is a Disney creation – take out the plot line, the animation alone is phenomenal – stunning and award winning (no surprises there) add the plot on top and you’ve got a surprisingly creative masterpiece. The first few episodes set the scene of all the supernatural animated brilliance to … Continue reading Gravity Falls

Rick and Morty Animation

Rick & Morty Review

This show could very well be in multiple categories : Animation, Giggles, Trippy & seriously Badass – it is in the happi hippi’s opinion one of the best things ever created in this world. Genuinely. Its incredibly intelligent and witty and batshit crazy (fair warning) The story follows a granddad Rick and his grandson Morty on their intergalactic space adventures. Its god damn genius, anyone … Continue reading Rick & Morty Review